Building Code Violations — the bane of property managers’ and owners’ existence.

We get it. And, we can help.

Violutions has the expertise to help you navigate the entire process, while saving you time and money.

Violutions is a network of Project Managers, Consulting Attorneys, Pre-selected Contractors, and Architects with extensive experience in dealing with and resolving building code violations in the City of Chicago, directed by our CEO and principal Architect, Prashanth Mahakali.

At Violutions, we were founded with the main goal of streamlining the cumbersome and arduous process of dealing with building violations in Chicago.

We are solely focused on helping property managers find the solutions they need for a speedy and straightforward resolution — saving you both time and money.

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Prashanth Mahakali

Prashanth Mahakali AIA, LEED AP(BD + C), has worked as an architect since 2002, after receiving his masters in architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. A student of Chicago’s unique building styles and architecture, these classic Chicagoland styles inspire and inform many of Prashanth’s contemporary designs.

Prashanth is wholly committed to providing his clients with the highest level of satisfaction. He carefully listens to each client, taking into consideration their needs and vision, while providing knowledgeable guidance, which he then translates into functional, aesthetically pleasing designs for even the most discerning clients.

He is a registered architect with the National Council of Architectural Registration Board and a proud member of the American Institute of Architects.

Our Approach

Free initial consultation

We will help you understand the violation(s) your property has been cited for and what will be involved in the process of resolution. You will walk away with an understanding of the whole process, what the next steps will be, a draft agreement in hand, and an assigned project manager.

Meet your project manager

He/She becomes the single point of contact for dealing with and coordinating the efforts of the attorney, architect, and contractor(s), ensuring that timelines are set and met. Your project manager will be your main point of contact until building violations are dismissed. For the most part, your project manager will act on your behalf — meaning your involvement will be minimal.

Project coordination and management

Your project manager will manage all communication between all of the parties involved, including drafting plans, coordinating building and construction services, and dealing with any city inspections to make sure that your property passes successfully.

Flat-fee payment

We charge a flat fee for our services that we will outline at the outset. Through our expansive network and long-standing relationships, our consultants offer us preferred pricing, which we pass on to you. We negotiate with all involved third parties upfront to save you time and money. There are no hidden or surprise costs..

If you’ve been cited by the City of Chicago with building code violations, call Violutions at 312-207-0501.

Rest assured — with one phone call, we can handle the entire process for you from violation to corrective repairs to inspection, and ultimately, resolution.

The Headaches of Building Code Violations in Chicago

The City of Chicago has very strict building codes and zoning laws, and if you’ve ever received a violation, you know just how strict the city is with enforcement. Trying to get violations resolved can be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming, to say the least. And if not dealt with properly, you can incur substantial fines.

We know it can be overwhelming because we’ve been there — contacting the right people at the right departments, pulling the proper permits, drafting the corrective plans . . . it seems like an endless loop and you get nowhere.

But, we also know that when handled properly, building code violations and their underlying issues can always be resolved, which is where we come in.


When a property manager first receives a building violation, typically the first thing they do is panic! Hoping for quick resolution, the manager will do an online search or ask colleagues how to proceed.

Search for help

Usually, an attorney will be called in first. Next, the contractor and/or architect. But with no prior knowledge of any of these folks or how they will work together, the property manager is basically flying blind and taking a chance of failing inspection.

Manage the process

The property manager now has to try to manage the team.  Instructions will be given. Permits will be pulled. Plans will be made. Work may or may not be completed. The property manager spends countless hours over several months communicating with each player, but if their efforts aren’t coordinated — it may all be a huge waste of time and money.

If you’ve been cited by the City of Chicago with building code violations, call Violutions at 312-207-0501 or contact us using the form below.